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25 November 2020 @ 08:45 pm
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18 December 2011 @ 08:07 pm
Well, I've been pretty inactive here as of late. I've come across new hobbies, new responsibilities... and I keep abandoning this palce.

This said, I've pretty much abandoned the Hetalia fandom. Hence, having such a huge collection of doujin, I think it'd be pretty sad for them to go waste and end up in a trash can, wouldn't it? So I'm selling them. I'm also selling my little Durarara collection. All of them are Shizaya/IzaShizu, except one that is IzaKida.

This said, I bring you more than 70 doujin for sale, all of them bought in Japan, some are from my two visits at Comike, so maybe you can't find them anywhere ^^ They're all in awesome condition and looking for a more loving owner~

Update - Sep 29th 2012.

Sales this wayCollapse )SellingCollapse )
The following prices are the ones in the official Correos (Spanish mail service) rates. I am not making up anything. In fact I Was quite mad when I went today to send the doujin I had already sold at a much lower shipping price. Price is for shipping + bubble envelope.
  • Shipping to Spain: 4€
  • Shipping to Europe: 6'60€
  • Shipping to the rest: 10€
Of course, combined shipping is more than possible and the discounts are really important, just drop me a line to negotiate~
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18 December 2011 @ 06:42 pm
I have lost all the interest in Gazette… a long time ago. But I still have some stuff and it never hurts to get rid of it.

  • DVD Meaningless Art that People Showed at Yokohama Arena (45€)

  • DVD Repeated Countless Error Special Edition 3 DVDs (75€)

  • DVD Nameless Liberty Six Guns Special Edition (55€)

  • I also have 1 photobook, several magazines and some Garish Room fanzines. I’d have to look for those if you want them. I can also take photos and show them if you’re interested. Everything is in excellent quality (as if I was gonna treat badly something that cool and expensive~)

    Drop me a message if you’re interested ^^

    PS: keep in mind those prices don’t include shipping.
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    26 July 2011 @ 12:30 am
    Oh dear, I can't really wait to go to Austria~ It's just like a dream come true. You just can't possibly imagine how I feel, and what this means to me.

    I have everything ready, only a few things to be added~

    PLUS! It's going to rain! And the temperatures will cool down there! Oh god, can this get any better?! <3