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26 June 2009 @ 09:16 pm
Yo guys~
I'm going to sell all my Gazette magazines. Yup. LOL. I know what most of you are thinking. No, the world isn't coming to an end. But I need the money, I need the space and I'm not so fond of them lately. But I'm doing this for money reasons, mainly.

NOTE: shipping from Spain. Therefor shipping magazines to the US is hell expensive. I've had enough shipping a single R&R (cost me 16€ when I got paid 5€ for it, yeah, post office's employee's fault) so, unless you're willing to pay that, I'm only shipping to Europe/Spain.

so, here's my old treasure~Collapse )
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31 August 2008 @ 05:48 pm

the basics

» name; kyou
» birthday; 11 月25日
» is...; ♀; straight.
» job; english teacher for 3-12 year old kids.
» comes from; spain

» places she's been to; 

  • Japan - Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto.

  • Germany - Düsseldorf, Koln.

  • France - Paris, Bourdeaux.

  • England - Blackpool, Manchester, York.

  • Italy - Verona, Geneva, Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence.

  • Portugal - Lisbon, Quarteira, Tui.


» treats; moody; nice; obscene; ecchi; witty; independent; original; daydreamer; busy; working; shop-a-holic; writer; cares too much for her friends; good listener.
» loves; purple; laughter; friends; truth; honesty; daydreaming; imagination; fantasy; communication; stars; wishes; hugs; candles; music; graphics design; vanilla & caramel; sandalwood; karaoke; dancing; babies; meeting new people; cute things; plushies; austria; turkey; japan; japanese language; lyrics; travelling; movies.

the fangirl

» top hearts;
Kenn, 小野大輔; 神谷浩史; 大口兼悟; 遊佐浩二, Johnny Depp, 山下智久.

» music; Kenn, 小野大輔; 神谷浩史; 坂本美雨; SCANDAL; レミオロメン; シド; Dir en grey; 中島美香; 土屋アンナ; NewS; Perfume; 大塚愛; Olivia; 宇多田ヒカル; 倖田來未; 浜崎あゆみ; 嵐; Hadise; Mustafa Sandal; Yiruma; Marié Digby; Alesha Dixon; Switchfoot; Regina Spektor; Story of the year; 30 Seconds to Mars; 3 Doors Down; Metallica; Beyoncè; Keyshia Cole; SHINee; Secret; 4minute; Super Junior; 2NE1; Girl Generation; After School.

» doramas; Hanazakari no kimitachi e; Ichi rittoru no namida; Nobuta wo Produce; Maou; My Boss My Hero; Proposal Daisakusen; Code Blue; Stand Up!; Voice.

» anime; D.Gray-Man; No.6; Durarara!!; Katekyo Hitman Reborn; Working!!; Ao no Exorcist; Bakemonogatari; Tiger & Bunny; Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%;  Katanagatari; Ano Hana; Pandora Hearts; Kuragehime; Hakuouki; Star Driver; Starr Sky; Tsubasa Chronicles; Hetalia; BLEACH; Azumanga Daioh; Yami no Matsuei; Gravitation; Weiss Kreuz; Naruto; Ouran Host Club; Chobits; Umineko...(my OTPs)

» movies; Pirates of the Caribbean; Harry Potter; Lord of the Rings; Enough; Coraline; Nightmare Before Christmas; El Laberinto del Fauno; Midnight in Paris...
» tv; CSI Las Vegas; House; Life; NCIS.
» actors; 水島ヒロ; 大口兼悟; 山下智久; 生田斗真; 土屋裕一; 森山栄治; 永山たかし; 郷本直也; 松山研一; Johnny Depp.
» books; Cloud of Sparrows; Ink exchange; LOTR; Harry Potter; Norwegian Woods; Legend of the Otori; Geisha of Gion; The Scarlet Letter; Angela's Ashes; The Joy Lucky Club; The Name of the Wind.
» authors; Agatha Christie; JR Tolkien; Murakami Haruki; JK Rowling; Lian Hearn.

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27 May 2007 @ 12:15 pm



And now, to those who don't know I've been away, sorry for not commenting? But I've been away, oh yeah, having the second time of my life ♥ So, for those who wanna read about it...

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04 August 2006 @ 08:11 pm
First of all, I apologize for my extremely poor and lousy English XD And my current lack of vocabulary to describe the concert, but I can't even find the words in Spanish ;____; And also, I think that, due to my horrible head – it didn’t wake up yet – I think I’ll most likely mix both concerts XD so, forgive me ne?

V I O L E N CE ! !Collapse )
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